Did Anyone See Shark Swarm?
Tuesday, May 27th, 2008 by dff

Poster for Shark SwarmLast summer, they filmed the movie Shark Swarm here in the Mendocino area. It finally aired for the first time yesterday on the Hallmark Channel, but we don’t get that channel in Mendocino. The movie stars Darryl Hannah and John Schneider. Here is a review of the movie — thanks to Debra DeGraw for the pointer. It’s pretty fun when the film crews come to town — they were shooting all around the area last year. It’s a hoot to see places you know in a movie…. I was just watching “The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming” recently, which was filmed all around the area. I even know someone who got to be an extra in the film as a young boy. Fun stuff! Check out the Chamber Visitor Center when you come up here — they have a lot of information about the many movies filmed here over the last 100 years.

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  1. charles says:

    We watched it on satellite.
    Great location shots – ridiculous plot lines. (Where do they get these ideas?)

    Wealthy and unscrupulous developer conspires with local riffraff to poison the ocean so that they can ruin the fishermen and proceed with their resort plans.
    The release of toxic waste causes sharks to go crazy and they attack everything in roaming packs.

    Didn’t spot any local extras of my ken.

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