Mendocino Mushroom Madness is upon us!
Monday, October 29th, 2007

Nancy, Gilmour, and Peet on a walkNovember is just about here, and the Mendocino Mushroom Madness events are about to start. More importantly, the mushrooms themselves are off to a great start — check out the latest forecast from local mushroom expert Eric Schramm). We took Peet and Gilmour out for a walk on Sunday in the Jackson Forest, and saw mushrooms everywhere. I don’t know how to identify them, so I just take pictures and move on. There are some mushroom identification walks at the Botanical Gardens in December and January if you want to know more. Pretty much anyplace you take a walk or hike now, you will see mushrooms. Now we’re also starting to see vehicles parked along the roads where people go out to gather mushrooms. It’s time!

#1 Mushroom with fringe#2 Yellow and Lavender (!) fungus#3 Peeking out from the leaves#4 Fluted mushrooms#5 Mushroom#6 Baby chanterelle?

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