Sondheim’s Into the Woods starts August 22, 2008
Thursday, August 21st, 2008

The remainder of this post is from the official press release about the opening of the play, but I wanted to throw in my 2 cents first. I’ve been fortunate to sing alongside both Paul Friesen and Sandy Glickfeld, and they are both excellent performers. Sandy is one of those people who grabs hold of the audience — she has the charisma to get people engaged, and a fabulous voice to go with it. I sang in a small chorus behind Robert Goleman in the lead on a Gilbert & Sullivan piece, and you won’t believe how strong his voice is…. Sandy and Robert also perform together in a magic act. I hope to see you there! Now, back to the official story.

Going to A Witch and Giant Spotted in the Redwoods!

Into the Woods, by Gloriana

Into the Woods, by Gloriana Musical Theatre
Recently a witch and a giant have been seen in the woods, causing much concern…a six-foot wolf was also spied. We’re pretty sure they’re up to no good or at the very least they’re up to some mysterious mischief. However, Gloriana Musical Theatre has convinced them to act and sing in the production of Stephen Sondheim’s “Into the Woods” where they can do no harm to our community.
The community is invited to see Sondheim’s version of what happens when fairytale characters don’t – well, act like fairy tale characters. August 22 – Opening Night Gala – through September 28. Times are 7:30PM on Fridays and Saturdays, 3PM on Sundays at Eagles Hall Theatre, 210 N. Corry Street in Fort Bragg.

Stellar Cast From Mendocino County
While many of the cast members in “Into the Woods” reside on the Mendocino Coast, guest artists are coming from Ukiah and Willits. Living and working on the coast is Robert Goleman and Sandy Glickfeld performing as The Baker and The Baker’s Wife, Ana Lucas is The Witch, Abigail Rowland is Cinderella and Sarah Wagner is Rapunzel with Cynthia Frank playing multiple roles as Cinderella’s Mother, Granny, and The Giantess, Paul Friesen is Cinderella’s Father with Marilou Brewer as her Stepmother, Brett McClain and Nancy Paranka as Lucinda and Florinda, her Stepsisters. Patrick Gomes is Jack (of Beanstalk fame) and Susan Parker is his mother. Trieste Desautels handles the role of Little Red Riding Hood while David Woolis has two roles as the Narrator and Mysterious Man. The Steward is played by Nemo Smith and young Josh Garcia is a Bird. From “over the hill” comes the uncharming Prince Charmings, David Strock doubling as The Wolf and Jake Stoepher.
Also from over the hill is Music Director, Justin Pyne, and from “way over many hills” …Stage Director, Don Bovingloh, who hails from New York. Local designers and directors are: Vince Russo, Vocal Director; Jack Leung, Music Coordinator; Nicole Allan, Set Design; Larry Lawlor, Light Design; and Diane Larson, Costume Design.

A Fairy Tale for Grownups with Greed, Misadventure, Revenge – A Most Unusual Musical
Stephen Sondheim’s award winning musical “Into the Woods” enlightens us when “happily ever after” goes astray by revealing the consequences traditional fairy tales often ignore. Familiar storybook characters, “once upon a time,” actually meet each other in the enchanted woods. But, be careful what you wish for and be careful how you get it are lessons learned by The Baker and The Baker’s Wife when a family curse has left them childless. To break the curse they rely on the magic of The Witch next door. But she wants “a cape as red as blood” – Little Red Riding Hood’s cape? “Hair as yellow as corn” – that must be Rapunzel’s hair! How will they get Jack’s (of Beanstalk fame) cow “as white as milk? “And only Cinderella has  “a slipper as pure as gold.” Swindle Cinderella out of her slipper? Irreverent, tongue-in cheek, and not recommended for young children. Tickets: Harvest Market, Tangents in Fort Bragg, Out of This World in Mendocino, and 707 964-7469.

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