Saturday, March 21st, 2009

The Mendocino Theatre Company is very excited to announce they are opening their 2009 season with James McLure’s hilarious 1959 PINK THUNDERBIRD. Set in Maynard, Texas (how far away is that from Crawford?) the play opens on the back porch of Elizabeth Caulder’s home where she and friends Hattie and Amy Lee sit folding the day’s laundry while listening to music, sipping bourbon and gossiping about the open secrets which are so very much a part of small-town life. Their conversation is laced with edged humor, especially about Elizabeth’s husband, Roy and his carrying-ons around town since his return from Viet Nam. In Act 2, we meet Roy in the cluttered backyard of a roadhouse bar, regaling his younger   brother Ray with his military and amorous exploits from the war. Seems Roy has three loves in his life: his country, his sexy young wife and his 1959 Pink Thunderbird. When the nerdy Cletis steps out back and reveals some of his gossipy secrets, the underpinnings of Roy’s world begin to collapse. Despite all, the humor of the play never lapses and all ends as airily and upbeat as it began. 1959 PINK THUNDERBIRD is directed by Sandra Hawthorne and features the talents of Cynthia Ariosta as Elizabeth, Cynthia Audo as Hattie, Felicia Fratus as Amy Lee, Scott Wells as Roy, David Simons as Ray and Bing York as Cletis. The production is designed by Diane Larson, costumed by Susan Collins with lighting by Larry Lawlor. 1959 PINK THUNDERBIRD opens MTC’s 33rd season of bringing the highest quality entertainment to the residents of and visitors to the north coast. We invite you to see and enjoy this play. Call 937-4477 for information and reservations, or go online to www.MendocinoTheatre.org.

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