Abalone Diving Safety Tips

The Abalone Diver Death Toll — Averages About 6 Per Year

CHECK LOCAL CONDITIONS – Always check the weather forecast and ocean conditions before diving.

CHECK YOURSELF OUT – Honestly assess your capabilities in light of the weather forecast and the local water conditions. Are you in shape? Are you sober? Drinking and diving don’t mix.

BUDDY UP – Always dive with a partner. Make a dive plan and stick to it. And stay together.

GET A LIFT – Drop your weight belt if you get tired or in trouble. Have a hook or strap on your dive tube that you can hang your belt on anytime you need a break. And don’t over weight! About 10% of your body weight is all you should carry.

MAKE A GO/NO-GO DECISION YOU CAN LIVE WITH! – Remember, the abalone and the ocean will be there tomorrow.

Information Resources:

National Weather Service Hotline: 707-443-7062
KOZT Radio Coastline: 1-800-39 COAST
Salt Point State Park Dive Line: 707-847-3222

NOAA Pt. Arena Weather Buoy
National Weather Service Eureka Office
Surfline report for Mendocino
Surfline report for MacKerricher
Surfline report for Westport

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