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Gas Prices – Fort Bragg & Mendocino No Higher Than the “Big City”
Saturday, May 24th, 2008 by dff

Note: gas prices are subject to rapid change so these are just guides

A few weeks ago, I returned from the Bay Area (Walnut Creek and Lafayette) where I was shocked to find regular grade gas prices on just about every corner at $4.15 and more. On the outskirts of Petaluma I bought a tank for $4.09 and then discovered that up here on our isolated coast, Fort Bragg prices are no higher. This past week, prices hit over $4.50 in the Bay Area. I no longer shocked. It seems like high gas prices are hear to stay. For some, like the French tourist I met at a motel in Santa Rosa, U.S. prices are wonderful. Said he: “they are half the price of gas in France and here you have big roads and parking places. It’s wonderful to drive a car in the U.S.

On your drive here, the best buys: (more…)

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