Editorial Policies for MendocinoFun.com

Our emphasis at MendocinoFun.com is on the best, the favorite, the most fun. We are committed to making it be that way — we want this site to be positive in tone. This means that we will not be slamming people or businesses on the site, and we will not allow comments to be posted that slam anybody, either. If you don’t have something positive to say, then perhaps you should say that elsewhere. We are aiming to have fun with this site, and to help other people have fun on the Coast. We are looking for realistic, useful info about the wealth of activities on the Mendocino Coast.

We welcome contributions that help fill in the story we’re trying to tell. If you’ve got something that fits, please let us know! We can’t guarantee to publish everything, but we’ll take a look. We will not be accepting commercial submissions — we’re looking for articles, not ads. (Well, we are looking for advertisers, but that’s different.) We firmly believe in giving attribution for contributions, and that includes a link back to your business or wherever you’d like.

All material on the site is copyrighted. If material has an author listed, then that person should be considered the copyright holder. When not explicitly identified, the copyright is jointly held by Dennis Freeze, Nancy Freeze, and Bruce Lewis.

This site is here to be fun and useful. You’re welcome to excerpt material from the site provided that it is attributed to the author(s) and MendocinoFun.com, and that you notify us of such use. If you’d like to use specific articles from the site, you must seek permission in advance. The maps on the site are copyrighted by Dennis Freeze, and they are not for use other than on this site. Don’t copy them — link to them here on this site.

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