Historic Lodging on the Mendocino Coast

These lodging properties in historic buildings (and many more) await you on the Candlelight Inn Tour.

Agate Cove Inn, 11201 Lansing St. – Built 1860
An Austrian immigrant named Mathias Brinzing established the first Mendocino brewery here at Agate Cove (the brewery itself was next door by the stream, but it was all one property back then). The main farmhouse was Brinzing’s residence. The property became an inn around 1980.

Alegria Mendocino Oceanfront Inn & Cottages, 44781 Main St. – Built 1861
Alegria Inn was built as a residence in 1861 by Alf Nelson for his family. A sea captain named John Martin Perry, his wife Mary and their children moved into the house around 1869. In January 2000, the current owners changed the name to Alegria Oceanfront Inn & Cottages. The word “alegria”, which means happiness, joy, or merriment, which seemed to fit their vision for the inn and their lives.

Blair House, 45110 Little Lake St. – Built 1888
Built by Elisha W. Blair, who worked for the sawmill for some years, until able to transition to financial works, such as lending. Most noted for its role in the filming of Murder She Wrote.

C.O. Packard House & water tower, 45170 Little Lake St. – Built 1878
Built by L.A. Morgan and sold to Packard at the time of his marriage to Hannah Cline.

Joshua Grindle Inn, 44800 Little Lake Rd. – Built 1877
Grindle, a long time employee of Mendocino Lumber Company, built this home and his descendants lived here until 1967. Read Dairy Farms and Detectives: A Micro-History of Hill House Inn, Hills Ranch, and Joshua Grindle Inn for a more in-depth story.

MacCallum House Inn and Restaurant, 45020 Albion St. – Built 1882
Alexander MacCallum built this house for his bride, Daisy, on land gifted by Daisy’s father, William Kelly.

Mendocino Hotel, 45080 Main St. – Built 1878
The Central House, started by Ben Bever, opened a boarding house (The Temperance House). Popularity encouraged enlargement of the hotel, so John D. Johnson was contracted to add a second section.

The Headlands Inn, Switzer-Strauss House, 10453 Howard St. – Built 1868
Began as a small barbershop on Main Street in Mendocino; the second story was added in 1873 to provide living quarters for the barber, John Barry, and his family. George Switzer purchased the house in 1893 and moved it to the present location on the corner of Howard and Albion Streets.

Blue Door Inn, 10481 Howard St. – McCornack Hospital – Built 1883
The beautiful structure was occupied by a series of local doctors: Built by Dr. William McCornack who ran a hospital from 887-1895; Dr. Milliken purchased the house in 1903 ($1800); Dr. Moore purchased in 1911; Dr. Frank Peirsol was the final doctor in residence.

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