Eco-Friendly Lodging

Living Light Inn, Fort Bragg
Combines craftsman style architecture with modern amenities designed for the conscious traveler–organic bedding, a whole-house water filtration system second to none, non-toxic biodegradable and non-allergenic cleaning products, low impact waste practices, and all-organic beverages.

MacCallum House Inn & Restaurant
This spring and summer we invite you to GO GREEN and visit MacCallum House in pure Mendocino. Come see why the MacCallum House and Mendocino have long been recognized as a leader in environmental stewardship. The MacCallum House restaurant has been creating seasonal menus featuring local organic produce, dairy and grains for the past two decades. Mendocino is home to more certified organic wineries than any other county in the nation. We are all doing our part in making decisions that will make the world a better place for future generations. At the Inn, we’ve replaced light bulbs, composting waste, using recycled office products, biodegradable cleaners and soaps, and sponsor an employee contest to generate new ideas.

Stanford Inn & Ravens’ Restaurant
The Inn adopted organic farming and landscaping techniques in 1985 and became a California Certified Organic Farm. For the past 23 years, the inn has been an “early adopter” of everything from the first compact fluorescents, which had separate bulbs and ballasts, to LED technologies. All organic waste from the inns kitchen and gardens is composted. All cleaning products have been selected on the basis of both efficacy and sustainability. Guest room products are carefully evaluated to be as sustainable as possible – e.g., fibers from bamboo are more sustainable than those from cotton, whether or not organic. Dinner at the Inn’s restaurant is vegan and organic. Adopting a vegan lifestyle goes far further in reducing greenhouse gas than driving a Prius, and, in fact, is the most sustainable action any single human being can take. The award winning wine list is comprised of wines made predominately with organic/sustainably grown grapes. Complimentary breakfasts served to overnight guests are not entirely vegan with optional dairy products from a local organic dairy recognized as the most humane in the Country as well as organic eggs from cage free chickens.

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