Historic Buildings in Mendocino Village

Mendocino is on the National Register of Historic Places because of the large number of historic buildings that have been preserved over the last 150 years.

Downtown Mendocino (click to see the surrounding area)

Historic Buildings and Sites

  1. Mendocino Presbyterian Church
  2. Capt. David Lansing Home
  3. William Kelly House
  4. Jerome Ford House (Visitor Ctr)
  5. Mendocino Hotel
  6. Jarvis & Nichols Store
  7. Bank of Commerce
  8. Kwan Tai Temple
  9. Kasten-Heeser House
  10. Alexander MacCallum House
  11. McCornack Hospital
  12. Masonic Hall
  13. Baptist Church
  14. Mendocino Beacon
  15. Odd Fellows Hall
  16. Crown Hall
  17. Denslow-Maxwell House
  18. Mendocino Art Center
  19. C.O. Packard House
  20. Maxwell-Jarvis House
  21. Albert Brown House
  22. Elisha Blair House
  23. St Anthony Catholic Church
  24. Joshua Grindle House
  25. Hillcrest Cemetery
  26. Evergreen Cemetery

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