Whether you live here or are just visiting, there are some things that we all need. Here’s a guide to local services.

Emergency services

  • 9-1-1
  • Hospital Emergency Room: MCDH. Pt Arena or Gualala emergency services??
  • Poison control
  • About cell phone outages

Pharmacies and drug stores

  • Fort Bragg: RiteAid (2 locations), Long’s
  • Mendocino: Village Pharmacy


  • 24-hour emergencies

Post offices

  • Fort Bragg
  • Mendocino
  • Point Arena
  • Gualala


  • Fort Bragg Library
  • Mendocino Library
  • Point Arena Library
  • Gualala Library

Book stores

  • Gallery
  • Cheshire
  • Used book stores?

Movie Theatre

  • Fort Bragg: Coast Cinemas
  • Point Arena: ???

Video stores

  • Fort Bragg: Fueg…’s??? Video Store
  • Mendocino: Mendo Video
  • Little River Market?

Gas stations

  • Westport
  • Cleone
  • Fort Bragg: many gas stations along Highway One / Main Street.
  • Mendocino: only Schlafer’s Chevron station, on Main St.
  • Little River: Little River Market
  • Albion: gas down at the campground?
  • Elk: no gas (except AAA emergencies)
  • Manchester?
  • Point Arena?
  • Gualala?
  • Notable long stretches: Cleone to Westport; Westport onward; Philo to coast; Albion to Manchester
  • Anderson Valley: last gas in Philo before coast (40 miles)

Auto repair, car parts, towing services, tires.

  • Fort Bragg: Coast Tires, Napa Auto Parts, ?
  • Mendocino: Schlafer’s Garage & Towing
  • Elk: Elk Garage & Towing

Camping supplies and equipment

  • Outdoor Store: serious outdoor gear
  • Caspar Beach RV Park & Campground
  • Albion Campground???
  • Point Arena?
  • Gualala?

Propane tank refills: which gas stations? Kemgas? Others?


  • Westport?
  • Cleone?
  • Fort Bragg: Safeway, Harvest, Down Home, Purity
  • Mendocino: Harvest, Corners (?)
  • Little River: Little River Market
  • Albion Market?
  • Elk: Elk Store
  • Point Arena?
  • Gualala?

Delis and Meats

  • Fort Bragg: Laurel Deli, Safeway, Harvest, Roundman
  • Mendocino: Mendocino Market, Harvest
  • Little River: Little River Market
  • Albion Market?
  • Elk Store?
  • Manchester Store?
  • Pt Arena?
  • Gualala?

Coffee Shops

  • Fort Bragg: Headlands Café, Starbucks, Cookie Co
  • Mendocino: Moody’s, Frankie’s
  • Elk: Queenie’s (more bfst than coffee)
  • Pt Arena?
  • Gualala?

Hardware stores

  • Ft Bragg: Rossi’s, Coast HW, Mendo Mill
  • Mendocino: Mendoza’s
  • Manchester Store
  • Point Arena?
  • Gualala?

Spas and Beauty Services

  • Bamboo Gardens
  • Sweetwater
  • Little River Inn
  • Southern Exposure

Bike Shops

  • Fort Bragg Cyclery (?)
  • Catch A Canoe

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