Practical Info

This page has a lot of practical info about the Mendocino Coast: emergency services, banks, pharmacies, movie theaters, radio stations, and other info. If you don’t find something for which you are looking, add a comment to the page.

Emergencies, Medical, Police and Fire Agencies

For all emergency situations: call 911. Be aware that cell phone coverage is spotty for large areas of the coast.

Medical Emergency Services

  • Mendocino Coast District Hospital (and Emergency Room): 707-961-1234 700 River Dr., Fort Bragg
  • Mendocino Coast Clinics: 707-964-1251 205 South St., Fort Bragg
  • Poison Control: 800-876-4766 or 800-222-1222; TDD Hotline: 800-972-3323

Auto Towing

Fort Bragg Towing & Repair: 707-964-2009 734 N. Main, Fort Bragg 24-hour towing
Walker’s Towing: 707-937-3040 44901 Main St., Mendocino
Elk Garage: 707-877-3444 Highway One, Elk AAA-certified towing and auto repairs


  • Fire Department, Fort Bragg: 707-961-2831
  • Police Department, Fort Bragg: 707-964-0200
  • Sheriff’s Department for Mendocino Coast: 707-964-6308
  • Fire Department, Mendocino (Volunteer): 707-937-0131
  • Highway Patrol Road & Weather: 707-463-4722 0r 467-1013; TDD Calls only: 707-463-5705


Bank of America: 707-964-8849 228 N. Main, Fort Bragg
Savings Bank of Mendocino in Fort Bragg: 707-964-4725 490 S. Franklin St., Fort Bragg
Savings Bank of Mendocino in Mendocino: 707-937-0545 10500 Lansing St., Mendocino
Chase Bank: 707-961-4444 120 E. Alder St., Fort Bragg
Wells Fargo Bank: 707-961-0275 660 S. Main & Cypress (inside Safeway)


Fort Bragg Pharmacy: 707-964-1057 189 Boatyard Dr. (inside Rite Aid), Fort Bragg
Gualala Pharmacy/Vallis’s: 707-884-4107 39351 S. Hwy 1, Gualala
CVS Pharmacy: 707-961-0207 150 S. Main St., Fort Bragg
Mendocino Village Pharmacy: 707-937-4800 10481 Lansing St., Mendocino
Point Arena Pharmacy: 707-882-3025 235 Main St., Point Arena
Safeway Food & Drug: 707-964-4058 660 S. Main St., Fort Bragg

Post Offices

Albion: 707-937-0667
Comptche: 707-937-4098
Fort Bragg: 707-964-2302
Little River: 707-937-5547
Mendocino: 707-937-5282
24-Hour Info: 800-275-8777


Fort Bragg Library: 707-964-2020 Laurel St., Fort Bragg
Mendocino Library: 707-964-5773 10591 Williams, Mendocino
Coast Community Library: 707-882-3114 225 Main, Point Arena


Fort Bragg Advocate News & Mendocino Beacon: 707-964-5642 450 N. Franklin, Fort Bragg

Radio Stations

KMFB-FM : 92.7 and 96.7 FM: 707-964-4653 101-E Boatyard Drive, Fort Bragg, CA 95437 (Boatyard Shopping Center)
KZYX & KZYZ-FM: 90.7 and 91.5 and 88.1 FM : 707-895-2324 P.O. Box 1 Hwy 128 Philo, Ca 95466
The Coast – KOZT-FM : 95.3 or 95.9 FM : 707-964-7277 or 1-800-39-COAST 110 S Franklin Street, Fort Bragg, CA 95437


Dial-A-Ride/M.T.A. (Coastal and Inland Bus Service): 707-964-1800 or 800-696-4682
Hey Taxi (taxi service in Fort Bragg and Mendocino): 707-962-0800

Movie Theaters & Video Stores

Arena Cinema: 707-882-3020 214 Main, Point Arena
Coast Cinema: 707-964-2019 167 S. Franklin St., Fort Bragg
Figueiredo’s Video Store: 707-964-7434 147 N. Franklin St., Fort Bragg
Mendo Video: 707-937-1720 45121 Ukiah St., Mendocino

Grocery Stores

Safeway (Open 24-Hours): 707-964-4079 660 S. Main St., Fort Bragg
Harvest Market: 707-964-7000 Hwy1 & 20, Fort Bragg
Harvest Market at Mendosa’s: 707-937-5879 10501 Lansing St., Mendocino
Little River Market: 707-937-5133 7746 N. Hwy 1, Little River
Westport Community Store: 707-964-2872 24980 Abalone St., Westport
Comptche Store: 707-937-5637 31501 Comptche Ukiah Rd., Comptche
Albion Grocery: 707-937-5784 3380 Albion Ridge Rd., Albion


Chevron: 707-964-5174 810 S. Main, Fort Bragg
Exxon: 707-964-5157 700 S. Main, Fort Bragg
Elk Garage: 707-877-3444 Highway One, Elk

Delis & Meats

Albion Grocery: 707-937-5784 3380 Albion Ridge Rd., Albion
B&C Grocery: 707-964-2219 401 Oak St., Fort Bragg
Elk Store: Highway One, Elk
Harvest Market: 707-964-7000 Hwy 1 & 20, Fort Bragg
Harvest at Mendosa’s: 707-937-5879 10501 Lansing St., Mendocino
Laurel Deli: 707-964-7812 Depot Mall, 401 N. Main St., Fort Bragg
Mendocino Market & Deli: 707-937-3474 45051 Ukiah St., Mendocino

Coffee Houses

Headlands Coffeehouse, 120 E. Laurel St., Fort Bragg. There is always a crowd — lots of locals and young kids hanging out, and they make great coffee and wholesome pastries. Open all day for dining, plus live music most evenings.
Mendocino Cookie Company: 303 N. Main, Fort Bragg. It’s just as the name implies, a must-stop for delicious cookies. Their organic coffee is a great complement, and they have delicious pastries (if you get there early enough!).
Moody’s Organic Coffee Bar: 10450 Lansing St., Mendocino. 707-937-4843 Indoor/outdoor seating, lots of choices for hot beverages, and a few sweets in the pastry case. Wireless Internet access.
: on Main Street in Fort Bragg, next to Safeway.

Internet Access

Many of the inns, hotels, and motels provide wireless Internet access, and they’ll mention it on their Web sites. In addition, you can get wireless Internet access at several places in Mendocino and Fort Bragg.

Moody’s Organic Coffee Bar (Mendocino): They may ask for a small fee for using their wireless.
Frankie’s Ice Cream (Mendocino): free wireless.
Mendocino Market (Mendocino) is also free, but slow.

Headlands Coffeehouse (Fort Bragg): free access
Cafe Vienna (Fort Bragg): free, but encrypted.  If you buy a coffee, they will give you the encryption key.
Seal of Approval Internet Cafe (Fort Bragg): sells computer time costing a bit more than the 5-hour rate of Moody’s, but same price for any amount of time so a better deal for less than 2 hours.


Gallery Bookshop: 707-937-2665 Main Street at Kasten Street, Mendocino
Cheshire Books: 707-964-5918 345 N. Franklin, Fort Bragg

Visitor Centers

Fort Bragg:


  • Ford House Visitor Center, Mendocino Headlands State Park. 735 Main St, Mendocino. 707-937-5397
  • Kelley House Museum: open Friday – Monday. Albion Street, Mendocino. 707-937-5791

Veterinary Hospitals

Covington Creek Veterinary Hospital: 707-964-6109 30303 Highway 20, Ft Bragg
Mendocino Coast Animal Hospital: 707-964-3448 700 N. Franklin St, Ft Bragg
Village Veterinary: 707-937-0300 10490 Howard St, Mendocino

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